Posted by: fluoride | March 26, 2010

Community Liaison Committee

Concerned residents and the media are not permitted to attend the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency’s monthly CLC meeting, even though STPA boasts openness and transparency.  Only a small number of hand-picked representatives of certain organizations are permitted to attend.  Not even those residents living adjacent to the Tar Ponds and Coke Ovens sites can attend these meetings.  What are they hiding behind closed doors?



  1. I think maybe things are changing at STPA…they appear to be accepting guest members of the public now. If you check the latest CLC minutes at their website below:
    you’ll see that they’ve welcomed Dan Fraser of Sierra Club of Canada as a guest of member Marjorie Butts. Fraser actually makes a comment at the end of the minutes. From what you say above, that’s not supposed to happen. So maybe those CLC “closed doors” are beginning to open a crack or two 😉

    • I’ve checked the link Faith and you’re absolutely right – the March CLC minutes do show that a member of the public was allowed to attend and make comments. Go figure why they would invite someone from the Sierra Club of Canada! Apparently, Sierra Club has applied for membership in the CLC every year for the last 5 years and they’ve been turned down every year. This year they were the only group to apply for the CLC environment seat within the posted time-frame and they were still turned down…I hear an environmental group located at the other end of the island (2 hours drive from Sydney) applied LATE and got the CLC position instead of the Sierra Club. So it sure looks like the STPA make up the rules as they go along. I’d suggest you call them and ask them to explain their bizarre behaviour. Meanwhile I’ve stored the Mar. 24 CLC minutes on our site for future reference. See Link below:

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