Tar Ponds flood during SS

Decemer 22, 2010 – The south tar ponds has flooded yet again, this time for over a week now by heavy rains.  The multi-million dollar pumping stations intended to keep the area dry by diverting two brooks around the perimeter of the south pond, have failed again to do the job. The 100% Design Report says, “Sufficient hydraulic capacity must be provided to deal with design level storm events that might occur.”  It seems the design underestimated Mother Nature.  The hazardous sludge in the south pond has been mixed with cement powder turning it into a crumbly toxic waste which is supposed to be protected from this very situation to prevent leaching of PAHs, PCBs, etc.

South Tar Pond flooded again - Dec. 16, 2010

South Tar Pond still flooded - Dec. 22, 2010

South Pond still flooded, Dec. 27, 2010



























June 6, 2010-  The south tar ponds was flooded following a weekend storm. The area, which is a tidal estuary, has been kept dry using temporary pumping stations, in order to conduct SS work. These pumping stations, which normally divert water from 2 brooks flowing into the south pond, couldn’t handle the increased flow which flooded the south pond.  SS work has been underway for some time and much of the PAH and PCB contaminated hazardous waste in the ponds has been disturbed.  Government’s own document states the likelihood that water contacting these disturbed sediments will contain  increased contamination.  Did STPA and governments conduct appropriate testing for contamination before they released this water, which ends up in Sydney Harbour?  Water was released from the south pond on June 8 by lifting ‘stop logs’ located at the Ferry Street bridge.

Flooded south pond June 7, 2010

The south tar pond on June 6, before the storm

The south tar pond on June 7, after the storm


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