Pictures 2010

The never ending clouds of cement dust leaving this site - August 2010

The never-ending clouds of toxic dust continue to leave this hazardous waste site into the surrounding community during the mixing of thousands of tonnes of cement powder with  PAH and PCB-laden hazardous sludge in the tar ponds located in downtown Sydney, NS.  Our community has endured this uncontrolled release of contaminants into the air we breathe for almost 7 months.

(Sept. 16, 2010)

Residents not protected from odour and dust emissions from SS work in south Tar Pond when mixing dry cement powder with hazardous waste - June 2010

Uncontrolled hazardous dust from mixing dry cement powder with toxic waste - July 2010

STPA still can't control dust emissions leaving this hazardous waste site in downtown Sydney - July 2010

Mixing dry cement powder with hazardous waste - April 2010

Windows up? Respirators not provided.

South Tar Pond - downtown Sydney, NS

SS in South Pond



  1. We stand with you something must be done!

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